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Tide Times is a site that first started out as a short automated script I developed in order to keep an eye on the local tides at Grimsby so that I'd know the best time to take our dog Bobby (right) for a swim off the beach at Cleethorpes.

For a few weeks after that, nothing happened.

Eventually I began to dimly perceive that this kind of information might be useful to other people - not just dog walkers, but fishermen, surfers and... well alright dog walkers as well. In any event, I started looking around for some data.

I contacted the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory in Liverpool who kindly gave me permission to use the 56 lots of 28-day predictions published on their website. I fed the location names to Google to turn them into coordinates, and after cleaning up the badly misplaced ones, plotted them on a Google Map along with that day's tide times.

More recently, the UK Government began an initiative to share data under via data.gov.uk which allowed me to include hundreds more locations from the UK Hydrograph Office website. This made the map much more interesting.

The website has gone from strength to strength, hitting number 1 on Google for hundreds of phrases and bringing in millions of page views per month. We've featured on Sky News, in Yachting Monthly and more.

Bobby sadly passed away in November of 2019, but he remains the mascot of the site and still appears on our printed books.


Dick Dolby

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