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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to the most common queries about the site and the service provided. More answers are added people get in touch for whatever reason.

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What are the numbers in brackets after each tide time?
These are the water heights for each tide. For example "(5.3m)" would mean 5.3m over Chart Datum. Chart Datum is the lowest anticipated water level for the whole of the UK, and so does not necessarily mean a 5.3m change in water height in this example. For an in-depth explanation of "Chart Datum", click here.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?
Currently members can select favourite locations to appear in the left menu every time the log into the site, as well as view any past orders they may have placed. Further members-only advantages may be added in future.

Why don't you have tide times for [xyz] location?
The tidal prediction data comes from the UK Hydrographic Office who only supply prediction data for 707 locations in the UK. While other prediction data is available, permission to reproduce the data on the TideTimes website is generally not available. 

Why are the predictions only for seven days in advance?
The UKHO offers a range of licensing agreements but some of these are only available at great cost, and the licensing to publish year-long predictions for all locations on the Internet is one of, if not the most expensive option.  It would not be financially viable to purchase this licence. 

Why do your times differ from those on [xyz] website?
Different websites may use different tide prediction data. In addition, some websites do not adjust the times for British Summer Time and so those sites will differ by an hour during the summer, even if they used the same UKHO data.

Why are books not available for all locations?
Some locations have only High Tide data and so are not suitable for the printed format.

Why do some days have five tides and others only three?
The tidal period is just over 24 hours long, roughly one tide (high or low) every six-and-a-bit hours. If the first high or low tide in a calendar day occurrs close to 6am then the third one thereafter will be slightly over 18 hours away, making it just after midnight the same day.  This is more likely to happen when the clocks go forward in March as there's one less hour in the day at the start of British Summer Time. By the same token, there's an extra hour in the day when the clocks go back at the end of BST in October, and so it's possible to squeeze five tides into this 25-hour day.

Is there a discount for ordering a large quantity of books?
Yes you can order 50 or 100 books - call for pricing. 

How can I advertise on your site?
All ads on the TideTimes website are served through Google AdSense. This means that you can target this site and specific pages on it using Google AdWords. See the following link for detailed information and "Option 1" in particular for instructions on how to target a site:

No other advertising options are available for this site.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Generally speaking, 3-4 days. Orders are despatched first thing every morning except for Sunday. If you have not received your order within 14 days (21 over Christmas/New Year), please get in touch.

How can I check my order progress?
If you've created an account you can sign in to view the progress of any orders. You can also create an account after placing an order and view the progress as long as you use the same email address. 

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